If there is magic out there we will find it…


AH!HA is a business that delivers a SERVICE and SELLS products to you filled with creativity & passion. This will cover a wide range from MOMENTS(Events) to THINGS(PRODUCTS).

AH!HA was founded in 2008 in Limpopo and initially sold creative goods (ART , DÉCOR & GIFTS).

After the birth of our twins AMELIE & HENRY, we had to revisit our VALUE and BELIEF systems and did intensive SOUL searching to REFLECT on what LEGACY we wanted to leave to our twins.

I had my AH!HA moment when I realized that we are born to CREATE with PASSION…Whether it is MOMENTS( EVENTS) or THINGS(PRODUCTS) and so AH!HA – Blends of CREATIVITY & PASSION was born.

After relocating to CAPE TOWN we had to revisit our offerings and as we go along our journey our AH!HA MOMENTS(EVENTS) and THINGS(PRODUCTS) will vary as we COLLABORATE with different CREATIVE & PASSIONATE beings.

We INVITE you to join us on our AH!HA journey (follow us on face book, twitter, Pinterest & Instagram) where we will EDIT often in our own CREATIVE & PASSIONATE AH!HA way!